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by Dr. Rob Gruttadauria, DPT, OCS Those who head to the gym in January don’t always realize that there are unwritten “rules” at most gyms about how best to share equipment and space. While you shouldn’t care too much about what other people at the gym think – you’re too busy sweating your butt off … Continue reading RESOLUTION WEIGHT LOSS: Learning the Unwritten “Rules” of the Gym

It’s said to be one of the most photographed days of a person’s life, so it’s no wonder brides and grooms want to look their best on their wedding day. Physical Therapy Assistant Alexis Viola is no exception. An avid gym-goer before she got engaged, Viola said that her January wedding (and her “very, very, … Continue reading Sweating for the Wedding with PPT’s Alexis Viola

by Dr. Rob Gruttadauria, DPT, OCS You’ve never been hungrier. Or more tired. Your arms, legs and neck are sore. Is this normal? Is it the flu? Or did you manage to contract mono from all the random eggnog drinks you swiped at the holiday party? None of the above, it turns out. This is … Continue reading RESOLUTION WEIGHT LOSS: Hungry, Sore and Tired, Oh My.

by Dr. Rob Gruttadauria, DPT, OCS The number of calories you lose during a workout depends on your heart rate. Any time you move your body, you burn calories. But depending on how fast your heart is beating (called your heart rate, or pulse), you burn a different number of calories. To maximize weight loss, aim … Continue reading RESOLUTION WEIGHT LOSS: Heart Rate Matters

by Dr. Rob Gruttadauria, DPT, OCS You made it through your first week at the gym! Congratulations! The fact that you managed to snag a machine, a mat or even a single dumbbell in the giant hoard of people that descended last week is impressive. Pat yourself on the back for your success and buckle in … Continue reading RESOLUTION WEIGHT LOSS: Slow and steady wins this race

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