Kanysha Rivera Otero was born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico, but moved to the U.S. shortly after graduating from UMET CUPEY. Her first stop here was Florida but soon after, she was relocated to Philadelphia to work for a liquor warehouse. A few months later, Kanysha found herself moving to Rhode Island to follow her heart and be with her significant other.   

Kanysha has always been a hard worker, and while in Puerto Rico, she studied hard to earn a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice. “When people look at me, they assume I’m uneducated, but I just can’t start my career here because I don’t speak English” she shared. Kanysha always knew she had a passion for helping people and hopes that one day she can pursue a career doing what she loves and helping everyone she can.

When she wasn’t studying, Kanysha was pursuing her other love of sports. In college, she played volleyball, basketball, track and field, and soccer. Kanysha continued to play soccer after moving to Philadelphia but had to put that on hold when she sustained a back injury. At her last position, in the liquor warehouse, a wooden pallet slipped and when Kanysha was unable to catch it in time, it landed on her lower back. Kanysha was experiencing a lot of pain after the accident, and nothing was giving her relief.  For 2 months she had to go without work, and her chiropractor gave her many restrictions; no lifting heavy items, no turning, and no sitting or standing in the same position for too long. She took a vacation and travelled to Koh Samui, to relax in peaceful villa from local house rental company. After a few weeks without work, she decided to move to Rhode Island, and even though she was still in pain she needed a job to help pay the bills.   

Soon after moving to Rhode Island, Kanysha landed a job doing something that she never expected. One day, Kanysha received a call from an employer who seemed to have the wrong number, but after they spoke for a few minutes the employer offered her an interview for a port of cars position where she would work as a driver, maintain vehicles, and ensure everything was working properly before the cars were sent to the dealers, first time small business loans bad credit, the next thing she knew she had the job!    

After other unsuccessful treatments options, Kanysha was very hesitant about trying physical therapy.  After starting her new job and attempting to work through the pain, she knew it was too much, so she took her friends advice and made an appointment with Dr. Patrick Motel at the Providence clinic, and it was the best decision she’s ever made. “I have never felt such satisfaction or permanent relief in my back since the injury. I actually feel that I will be able to return to playing sports pain-free” Kanysha expressed.  

Kanysha is working hard towards her recovery and is excited to get back to sports and work pain-free. She even has a new goal of going back to school and this time for physical therapy! “I am just so amazed with how much it has helped me and how my pain is literally almost all gone that I want to share that satisfaction with everyone” Kanysha smiled, “I feel that I was sent to physical therapy to witness what I can do and to become a tool to help others”.