Jane Lewis has spent the past 28 years teaching in the RI school system, and the last 17 years as a special education teacher at the Charles E. Shea High School. Born and raised in RI, Jane always had an interest in helping those in her community and was naturally drawn to helping kids in need, so she took that passion to the school system. Although the teaching models have changed over the years and at times it can be a difficult job, Jane truly loves teaching and finds every minute rewarding.   

For many years, Jane was even the basketball coach at the Shea High School. Jane has a passion for basketball and paired it with her love for teaching. She played basketball all of high school, college, and still plays today, “I’ve had a basketball in my hand since I could walk” Jane smiled.  

For the past 15 years, Jane experienced reoccurring ankle pain, and it made her love for basketball and teaching very difficult. Sometimes, the pain was unbearable and being on her feet all day only made it worse. Although the pain was tough, Jane always pushed through to continue teaching, playing, and completing all her every-day tasks. Finally, this summer Jane decided to make a change, so she sought out Dr. Caldarella from Ortho Rhode Island to complete a ligament and tendon repair. After 3 weeks of recovery, Dr. Caldarella recommended her to Performance.   

After working with Dr. Lauren Bachand for a few weeks, Jane was feeling better than ever. Although Jane still feels some occasional pain, Dr. Bachand helped her regain her ability to walk, stay on her feet all day, and shoot a layup all without pain- and just in time for the start of the school year! Jane can now spend the day in the classroom, an afternoon on the court, and enjoy long walks with her niece all without cutting them short like she used to.   

Jane is also finally able to get back to LA fitness where she gets to play basketball and the occasional racket ball game. She loves to meet up with new people and just shoot some hoops with anyone there “Just not the younger boys, I don’t want any elbows flying around” she laughed. Jane may not be able to play a full game and run around the court for hours like she used to, but she can do jump shots and layups, and she will continue her physical therapy until she can get back to doing what she loves, pain-free.