Originally from Scotland, Margaret Ross moved to Connecticut 26 years ago when her husband was transferred for work. Her husband’s work took him all over Europe, and Margaret loved to travel around with him, so when his work took him to Connecticut, Margaret was happy to go too. Soon enough, his job brought him to Richmond, RI where they currently reside. After having to leave her previous job once moving to America, Margaret decided it would be the perfect time to go back to school. She studied economics at URI and loved every minute of it! Now, she uses those skills to work for Beacon Insurance out of Warwick.  

Although she enjoyed going to school and likes her job, she certainly doesn’t let it take over. In her free time, you can catch Margaret swimming, biking, running, and exercising with her husband and two dogs.  As a tri-athlete, Margaret’s husband can get a little competitive, so when she’s just looking to have some fun, she gets together with a group of women to work out on the weekends.  

Back in June, her group was going for a jog, and as leader of the group Margaret was sure to yell out and warn her friends about the tree root up ahead. Unfortunately, her advice came too late and the next thing she knew she was rolling down the hill. After being brought to the hospital, she learned that she fractured her humerus “but there was nothing funny about that!” she laughed. At that time, her husband was out on a bike ride, so he biked all the way to the hospital to take her home and help take care of her the 4 weeks that she was stuck in a sling.  

All Margaret could do was putter around the house and complete small tasks with her left arm “it’s amazing how much your life gets put on hold when you have an injury” shared Margaret. They even had to put off all the renovations to the house. They were planning on painting, changing out the cupboards, and bringing up some new furniture, but all that was put on hold.  

After her fall, Margaret went to University Orthopedics, where Dr. Manuel DaSilva recommended Performance for her physical therapy treatment.  On her first visit, she was terrified, but after being greeted with a smile and amazing atmosphere from Dr. Cara McLaughlin, she knew this was the place for her.  

After a few months of treatment, Dr. McLaughlin and Dr. Alison O’Brien worked together to get Margaret back to jogging and biking with her husband. This past weekend they went mountain biking and when they reached the downward slope filled with rocks, fear took over her body. Margaret was terrified that she would fall and re-injure herself, but when she made it to the bottom the excitement took over, and Margaret knew she was over her fear of falling (and of tree roots!)   

Margaret’s final physical therapy appointment is next week, and she is so excited to be back to her normal activities, and just in time for her next vacation! Every year, Margaret and her best friend find a new place to explore. Next month they’re heading to Ireland, last year’s trip was Italy, and next up is back to Scotland! Margaret is so happy that her injury is healed and is excited to be putting the finishing touches on her home renovations that were put on hold this summer.