Can you believe October is almost here? It seems like just yesterday we were enjoying the sunshine of the summer, and now here we are.  Along with the change of season, October brings the changing trees, cool crisp air, and the beginning of National Physical Therapy Month.

Now is the perfect time to focus on yourself and commit to your health and well-being. Most people associate physical therapy with where you go after you’re injured or undergo surgery, but did you know that physical therapy entails so much more? Physical Therapy is an alternative to surgery and can offer a natural, safe, and effective alternative for pain management or the use of opioids. It can even go further to help with balance and fall prevention, increase your speed, improve your overall fitness and energy levels, and even show the community ways to lead healthier, more fulfilling and happier lives.  

Exercise, a core component of any physical therapy regimen, is known to benefit patients with mild to moderate mood disorders such as depression. Depression affects 1 in 10 Americans at some point in their lives, and physical therapy can be another alternative to address any underlying issues that may be contributing to depression.

Physical activity reduces feelings of anxiety, depression, and stress by improving the patient’s cognitive function and self-esteem. Moreover, studies have shown that aerobic exercise decreases overall tension levels, elevates and stabilizes mood, and improves sleep. Because exercise’s mind-altering effects are temporary, however, patients can work with a physical therapist to develop a regular exercise routine to ensure continued benefits. Physical therapists develop a custom treatment plan based on a thorough assessment and detailed patient history. Each individual plan includes some combination of flexibility, strength, coordination, and balance exercises designed to achieve optimal physical function which can lead to a healthier lifestyle. You can talk to professional helpers about your lifestyle and dont worry about financing because Helpers also offer loans to help with payments.

Here are some ways you can implement physical therapy practices into your daily life.   

Try to include stretching into your daily routine. This stretching doesn’t have to be elaborate, it can be as simple as standing up from your desk a few times a day to stretch your neck and back. This can give you an excuse to get away from your computer and improve your health and vitality or get a mexico insurance online 

A well-hydrated body is necessary for physical health. Make it easy to keep drinking throughout the day by always keeping a water bottle with you. Make it a goal to drink at least 68 ounces of water a day, drink water before every meal, and drink a glass of water for every cup of coffee, soda, or alcohol you consume.  

Core Stabilization 
Try some simple balance exercises that can help strengthen your core and improve proprioception. Try standing, close your eyes, and hold your arms out at shoulder height. Pick up one leg at a time and hold it up for a few seconds. When you lower your leg back to the ground do it slowly, setting down your toe, then the ball of your foot, and finally your heel. Then switch legs. Try to increase your time spent balancing each time you practice this exercise.