Since age 4, Riley Cronin has had a passion for baseball. Growing up in Rumford, RI, Riley spent every year playing, eventually joining the East Providence high school baseball team. Riley loved spending the next four years playing at the high school level, but when he wasn’t recruited to play in college, he didn’t really see it going any further.

Once he started Curry College last year, a friend of his convinced him to try out for the baseball team, Riley walked into tryouts and walked out the newest member of the Curry College Baseball team! He was so excited to join the team and give it everything he had.

Riley loves playing baseball at school, but when he’s not playing, he’s studying Criminal Justice. Riley hopes that after graduating, he can go on to train with the police academy to become a K9 Unit. Between working hard at school and training hard for baseball, Riley had a busy schedule.

By the end of his freshman year, Riley was worn out.  After spending the entire year practicing, he developed an overuse injury, with a torn labrum in his shoulder. Riley finished up the season strong, but once he came back to Rhode Island for the summer, he decided to make an appointment with Performance Physical Therapy. He went in hoping to correct his overuse injury, and 3 months later he walked out ready to get back in the game.

Although he worked hard to heal his arm and build up strength, spending 3 months away from baseball was tough. When Riley injured himself, he couldn’t join his hometowns Post 10 league. Not being able to play on the team with all his friends took a lot away from him this summer, and it was especially difficult for Riley to hear everyone saying, “I wish you could have played last night” and “we needed you out there”.

Even though it was tough stepping off the field, Riley knew it was for the best, and he was able to focus his time on taking care of his body, “sometimes I wouldn’t stretch before practice, and didn’t know that would hurt my arm, but now I know how to take care of my body” Riley expressed. Riley now works hard to take care of himself, and he recommends that everyone does the same. Over the past few months, Riley not only learned that it’s essential to take care of yourself but also how important it is to just enjoy the sports you play and have fun with them while you can.

After 3 months away from baseball, Riley needs to get back into a routine and is happy to start off his sophomore year with fall ball, tryouts, and winter workouts to practice throwing and getting back to 100% before the season starts. It’s been a lot of work, and there’s still more to come, but Riley is prepared to do what it takes to get back in the game he loves.