Jenna Stockman has always lived an active lifestyle, from playing basketball in high school and college to running around her boutique, she is always up to something.

A few months ago, Jenna started to have some progressive clicking in her hip. She is constantly standing on her feet, walking around, climbing, and lifting boxes, and it got to the point where the pain was just too much. “I would wake up in the middle of the night from the pain and had to roll a tennis ball over my hip to ease the pain enough to fall back asleep” Jenna expressed.

As an owner of her own clothing boutique, Jenna had a lot on her plate, and with so much to do, she couldn’t let the pain slow her down. Her hip pain soon led to lower back issues, and when that persisted she could barely even move without consistent pain.

Jenna would occasionally go to barre classes to workout and ease some of the discomforts, but it just wasn’t enough.

With her busy life, Jenna didn’t think she had the time to rest and recover, but one day when Dr. Michelle Collie walked into her boutique and Jenna learned about Performance, she knew it was time to say something. After Dr. Collie told Jenna about the East Providence clinic, right down the street from her boutique, Jenna decided to set up an appointment with Dr. Ross Levine.

Jenna had no idea what she was walking into, seeing as the last time she went to PT was 6 years ago, and she never really committed.  But this time around, Jenna was happy to learn more, and Dr. Levine made everything so easy. He gave Jenna all the information and skills she needed to start her on the road to recovery.

After two months, Jenna is starting to feel like her old self again. “Sometimes my hip will feel great, but then my back will hurt again or the other way around” Jenna shared, but Dr. Levine helps her change up her workout to work out those kinks.

For now, Jenna’s focus is building up her core strength and she hopes to continue progressing through physical therapy until both her back and hip are continuously at ease. She continues to work on her stretching and home exercise plan and pays more attention to the way she does things at work. “Sometimes, I realize that I need to change the position I’m standing, or how I’m lifting something” Jenna expressed.

Every little change helps and everything Jenna has learned at PT has made her busy life a whole lot easier. For information regarding how you can finance any medical treatment you need, visit is a direct payday lender