At 57- years-old, Andy Goff was faced with a leg injury that left her unable to compete in all the sports she loved. As a lifelong athlete, Andy is always moving and competing, racket sports were her life, “I love to play tennis, paddleball, and ping-pong, I even swim, kayak, bike, and go for walks every day” Andy expressed. But, after her paddle tournament injury this past January, she was unable to do it all.

Being a lifelong athlete, this was not the first injury that Andy had faced, but having multiple experiences with PT, she thought that this time she could heal it on her own. Unfortunately, Andy’s experience turned for the worse, and she ended up injuring herself even further.

As a high school teacher in Providence, Andy is always on her feet and finally decided that dealing with the pain wasn’t an option anymore. It was time to make a change and do something about it. So, Andy made an appointment with Dr. Trevor Ensign and Dr. Mark Casimiro at Performance’s Warren location.

When Andy first started her treatment, she was discouraged because all she wanted to do was get better and back to playing. Andy hoped that her recovery would be going faster, but Dr. Casimiro and Dr. Ensign put her at ease by telling her she was doing everything right, but sometimes the body just needs time to heal and regain its strength.

After Andy spent the next few months working on her strength, agility, balance, and speed, she was faster, stronger, and ready to get back to her normal racket activities. She was so excited to say that after years of previous PT treatments, Performance was finally able to help her achieve goals she never could before. “I can finally squat now. It might not be the strongest squat, but I can do it!” she was excited to announce.

Andy was happy to share the best part of PT was the education that came with it, “I’m an information junkie” she laughed, and instead of just telling Andy to do things, Dr. Ensign and Dr. Casimiro would explain everything, and teach her about why she was doing these exercises and how they would help in the long run.

6 months later, Andy is back to her favorite sports and living her active lifestyle again. Just last week she played tennis two days in a row. In her last tournament, Andy and her partner faced a pair of college athletes in the finals, and only lost by one point! She even signed up for 3 club tournaments later this summer.

After months of hard work, Andy is feeling better and is ready to start off the school year right.

“I think the biggest challenge will be getting back to my winter sports, but Performance is helping me in the right direction” Andy was happy to share, and she’s ready to face any challenge that comes her way.