by Erin Galvin

Back pain can happen to anyone, including a local civil engineer, and this time around Brian Mahoney, from Rumford, RI, found himself putting a pause on his active lifestyle due to his back injury.

As a workout enthusiast, Brian liked to keep up a very active lifestyle. Whether he was just spending time with friends and family or grilling in the backyard, to working out, snowboarding, biking, golfing, and kayaking, he just loved to stay moving. Unfortunately, Brian had to put it all on hold once again, due to those dreaded back spasms.

For about a month, Brian had been feeling intermittent back pain. Assuming he just pulled a muscle working out, he hoped the pain would quickly resolve on its own. Seeing as this was the sixth time this happened in the past 10 years, Brian felt like an expert on resting his injuries, but this time the pain just wouldn’t subside and it was taking away everything he loved to do.

Rest just wasn’t enough, so Brian made an appointment with Dr. Mark Casimiro at Performance’s Warren clinic. He told Dr. Casimiro that over the past month and a half there had been many days that he physically didn’t have what it took to exercise like he normally would, and he was constantly worried that he would do something to injure himself further. Brian was most disappointed to share that with his back pain, golfing and kayaking were out of the question.

Brian started physical therapy hoping to resolve his pain and get back to his normal activities as quickly as possible. Since he faced similar injuries in the past, he hoped that physical therapy would address the reoccurring issues and help prevent or mitigate future back problems. Brian was happy to report that he got all of that and more.

After just 8 weeks, Brian was back in his kayak and lifting weights at the gym, and this time he wasn’t worried that working out would cause another back injury. Brian no longer worries about covering up the pain because they were finally able to get to the root cause of the pain. He was excited to share, “I feel better now than ever!” Each day, Brian feels like he improves a little bit more and now that he has recovered from his back injury, he couldn’t be happier to get back to his active lifestyle, and just in time for summer!