by: Erin Galvin

After being left paralyzed from the waist down, 54-year-old Vickie Hill went into an emergency surgery, and came out with severe weakness and decreased sensation in both of her legs. After a few days in rehab, Vickie left with a walker and came to Performance hoping to leave that walker behind.

Vickie chose to come back to Performance after a previous treatment for her shoulder. This time, she returned to Dr. Amy Goss with severe weakness, impaired balance, decreased endurance and impaired sensation in both her lower extremities. Even with all of these setbacks, Vickie was determined to walk on her own again.

Dr. Goss and her team came up with an individualized plan of care that allowed Vickie to meet her short and long-term goals. They worked on deconditioning her previously conditioned legs, strength and balance, and were always sure to work on regaining sensation in her lower body. Over an 8-month period, Vickie transitioned from a walker to a cane, and soon enough no assistance was necessary.

By meeting twice per week for the first 6 months and once a week for the last 2, Vickie was able to gain back her strength, balance, and even some sensation in her legs. Vickie felt that the deep tissue massages and rolling techniques were a big part of her recovery, and what led to increased sensation in her right leg.

While on the road to recovery, Dr. Goss and Vickie got to know each other very well. Vickie said that along the way Dr. Goss was always encouraging with a positive attitude. Dr. Goss’ encouragement was most appreciated on Vickie’s tough days, and the entire staff’s warmth and welcoming attitude helped her push through when she needed it most.

Vickie hit some setbacks on her way to recovery but was able to overcome them all through her incredible determination and hard work.

Dr. Goss said “it was truly an amazing and rewarding experience to work with Vickie. She has come so far on her journey and it took a team effort for her to get where she is today. We developed a great relationship through the course of her care”.

When starting out with Physical therapy, Vickie was scared and said she had no idea what she was up against, but over time, she conquered those fears. “I truly can’t say enough about Performance. Everyone there was amazing. They really got my sense of humor, and they always made me feel good about myself” Vickie was happy to share.

Vickie is proud to say that everything she learned at Performance she can take with her in her daily life. “When I go to the doctors and they ask if I can balance I say, “I can!” expressed Vickie. “Everything I do today is because of Performance, I wouldn’t be where I am today without Dr. Goss and her team.”