by Erin Galvin

David Tanzi found himself having trouble keeping up with his every-day activities. At just 63 years old, David couldn’t even get dressed or roll over in bed without experiencing shoulder pain. Day after day his pain progressed and after 7 months he’d had enough.

David soon realized that the pain was not going to improve on its own and the only way to get better would be to call in some help, so he made an appointment with Performance. David walked into our Pawtucket location and sat down with Dr. Kevin Alexander. David wanted to see results, and Dr. Alexander was going to give David all the tools necessary for that to happen. His initial goals were to regain the same mobility that he used to have and be able to reach for things with his right hand without feeling the constant pain in his shoulder, but David was happy to leave with so much more.

With the help of Dr. Alexander, as well as exercise specialist, and David’s daughter, Stephanie Tanzi, David was well on his way to recovery. Dr. Alexander used trigger point dry needling, joint mobilization,  long duration stretching, and trigger point release techniques that worked to help relieve some of David’s pain and regain his range of motion.

Although David was experiencing less pain, he began to worry that he would constantly have to stretch out his right shoulder to remove the stiffness. Luckily this setback didn’t discourage him. In just 3 months, after neglecting the pain for so long, he was on his way to recovery. With an increase in mobility, David decided to add more goals to his list, like throwing a softball, swinging a bat, and becoming more active in the sports he loved to play.

Keeping up with his strengthening protocols left David finally able to play catch again, and even swing a golf club! “The last month here has been the most inspiring of all and I’m encouraged that the more “work” I put in will result in more rewards” David was happy to report.

All of David’s hard work was paying off.

David was very persistent with his home exercise program and worked hard in and out of therapy to maximize his range of motion. Dr. Alexander spoke very highly of David, expressing, “It was inspiring and humbling to work with someone who never gave up and never got discouraged. He was a hard worker and wasn’t afraid to push himself even if that meant feeling sore for a day or two. To see the joy in his eyes when he could throw a ball again made it all worth it. I feel like I gained a friend in Mr. Tanzi, as we built a good relationship throughout his course of care”.

Although David has almost completed his physical therapy care he still hopes to see more improvement and will continue to put in the work to achieve success. David was happy to express that he would be leaving physical therapy with all the tools he needed, “I’ll be “on my own” from here, thanks to the good foundation from Performance PT.”